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Today’s Hip Daddy Approved: M-61 Labs

The weather is changing, your body (namely, your skin) needs some love.  And you know we here at Hip Daddy are always looking, searching for products that will keep you looking gooood and healthy on that playground, at school pickup, in the client meeting, at the investor dinner, etc, so let’s talk…

Your face…it’s important.  And you would be amazed by the amount of products out there that can actually transform your skin and yes, make you looking like a younger Hip Daddy.  It’s true.  The science around the skin care/grooming industry is crazy good.   You likely know Bluemercury, and given the success around that company, you might expect the next thing for the Founders will be just as good…you guessed right.  M-61 Labs is a highly technical skincare brand which fuses dermatologist loved, potent ingredients and vitamin-packed, effective and researched naturals.  It is a serious venture and really takes skincare to the next level.

Back to your face…you need a serum.  M-61’s Hydraboost Serum is a great place to start.  Peptide-packed vitamin B5 hydrating and firming serum with tamarind and aloe, this product will indeed give Hip Daddy a little boost.  The ingredients plump, replenish, firm, hydrate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and simply make you look better…what’s not to like?

Love your face.  Try some m-61.  Let the weather come.