Hip Daddy

02 01

A Hip Daddy No-Brainer: ClassPass

Okay, it’s February.  One month in and perhaps you have already slipped a bit on your New Year’s Resolutions? That’s fine, 11 months left.  Get back in the saddle.  Now.

ClassPass.  This company has been around for some years now, but it is really catching on and is perfect for the Hip Daddy fitness regimen.   Thousands of classes, one pass.  Their monthly membership (only $119) lets you create workout routines that work for you, whether thatʼs spin, Bikram and Barry’s, or some circuit training.  Every month, you can take a variety of classes and visit the same studio up to 3x a month, depending on your plan.  So this gives you options and variety in your workout…and considering some of these classes are typically $25-40 alone, it’s a Hip Daddy no brainer investment 🙂 And even  better, they are in pretty much every major market, so no matter where you are Hip Daddy, you will find a ClassPass membership that fits your lifestyle.

Get your sweat on.  Get your health on.  Check out ClassPass right about now.  Keep the waistline real Hip Daddy….