Hip Daddy

05 29

Yes, We Are Going Camping…

WTF.  Hip Daddy’s don’t camp.  Or do they? Well, they just might…or at least ‘try’ to.  This weekend involves some good ole fashioned camping and we here at Hip Daddy HQ are excited…sort of.  Here’s our Camping Checklist, you just might need it at some point (really):

1.) Suburbia is Calling.

Preparation is key.  Hip Daddy living in the city means you need to visit the wonders of suburbia for the likes of Dicks Sporting Goods or The Sports Authority.  These places are massive and have pretty much what you need in all forms….tents, sleeping bags, head lamps, rain gear and sleeping pills (well, maybe not those…)  Sports stores in Suburbia are Hip Daddy Approved.  Get moving.

2.) Buddy Up To a Professional Camper.

In our case, this man is named Mario.  And this Hip Daddy Camper Dad is indeed the type you need on your side.  He knows the landscape, sets up tents in a flash, and will scare any Bear away with one stare.  You need him for survival, so go find your own Mario.

3.) Don’t Lose Your Sh#T.

It’s important you keep your sh#t together and do not let your child see you lose your wits.  Cool, calm and collected…that’s the strategy.  Again, finding #2 above will help ease the stress and perhaps unpleasant moments associated with the Great Outdoors.

4.) Wear Your Hip Daddy Tee.

Father’s Day is approaching, you need this shirt.  And yes, a V neck tee is perfect for your Camping attire…breathable neck, stylish, and let’s all your fellow campers know what is up.  Dominate that lodge.  Dominate that out house.  Dominate that bonfire.  Dominate that canoe trip.  Dominate the campground.  Wear one.

5.) Enjoy Nature.

Last but not least, enjoy your time! It’s an amazing thing to share such an experience with your child.  Cherish it.  Teach them something.  Do things together.  Sing together.  Roll out the sleeping bags, and listen to the sounds of Nature…together.