Hip Daddy

02 14

Why We Love Valentine’s Day.

Happy V-Day to all our readers.  It’s a special day for all you Hip Daddys no doubt.  For many reasons, but we boil it down right about now….

The Card Aisle is Actually a Delight.

Typially the card aisles at your CVS, Walgreens etc can be a nightmare. Tons of selection but nothing really good, or little selection, and all bad. So yes, you resort to one of the few remaining expensive ‘singing’ cards. Been there. Alas, come V-Day, the card companies seem to up their game, and deliver all sorts of options…from playful to colorful to cheesy to funny to sexy to lovely to tear jerking.

Those little Sweetheart Candies Still Exist.

And were like the true offline beginning of the now ever popular online stickers and emoticons. And they are still tasty and the messages on each heart can create all sorts of family time fun.

Agent Provocatuer Really Goes All Out.

#justsayin #nuffsaid.

A Crush Is Always Quite Cute.

Whether you have really young kids, teenagers, etc., its always fun to see your child experience a ‘crush’ of sorts.  The simple things in life…Hip Daddy Approved.

If you sell roses, you are all set today.

Yes, that’s right.  The price of a rose escalates like 500% on this one day.  But yes, we all still buy them.  It’s a Valentine’s Day rite of passage, and you need to succumb…and you will.   Because if you don’t, our number 3 item above (or anything in that world of partner ‘appreciation’) might not be happening …#justsayin.  Hip Daddy haha.

So enjoy the day.  Write a love note, eat some chocolate and some candy hearts, talk to the kids about what the day is all about, and remember…it’s over soon enough.  Buy the rose.