Hip Daddy

10 04

Why We Love October.

October is here.  Fall is officially in swing.  So let’s talk about why we love this month:

Apples.  Pick them. Orchards are a part of the deal and will lead to plenty of photo opps with the kids.   And yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Fall Wardrobe Begins.  Every Hip Daddy loves to layer, and finally the weather for that is here.  A hoodie underneath a light jacket? Yup. You got it.  A leather chuck? A light boot? Bring it all out and rejoice a new fresh look.

Baseball.  The MLB Postseason has arrived, and even if you don’t follow it during season, everybody needs to watch some October baseball.  Fascinating stories, great coverage, competitive games, and nothing better than watching some baseball with the boys (and girls.) Go Cubbies!

Halloween.  Costumes, pumpkins, candy, and more candy….what’s not to love?  The kids costume selection is always a rite of passage and Facebook and Instagram always light up with tons of laughter this time of year.  And carving the pumpkin never gets old.  Trick or Treat.  Lastly, just remember the kids to say thank you to those handing out all the goodies come 10/31!

October October.  Tis a great month.  Enjoy.