Hip Daddy

01 27

Vans X Truth Do It Again…

We love some Vans.  And their designs keep getting better and better, not to mention their carefully curated collaborations.  And most recently, they teamed up again with the anti smoking initiative Truth, and brought in Brooklyn artist, Kevin Lyons, to create a pretty awesome pair of shoes…for every Hip Daddy closet.

More importantly, the monster themed artwork (a staple of Lyons…dating back to his awesome work for Converse) is something all Hip Daddy children will love and want to replicate in their own drawings! Inspiring creativity in all ages, nicely done Lyons X Truth X Vans.  The clean black and white design make these things look gooood with a pair of denim or maybe even with a short on the kid’s upcoming February break…whatever your style, Vans X Truth have you covered.  The Truth continues to be a creative force in the marketing world, and we look forward to their next collab!