Hip Daddy

04 23

Today’s Must-Know: Nibble + Squeak.

Know this…Mother’s Day is coming.  So now, read this…

Do you like to eat out with your kids? Well, yes, sometimes.  But sometimes, hell no.  Babysitters rock.  And take it to the next level of a nice, sophisticated restaurant with a vibe, excellent chef, and delicious food…it gets tough with the kids.  ‘Grown-up’ food and restaurants usually call for ‘grown-ups’ but what if this was not always the case? What if you could indeed bring the little terrors along…

Now you can.  Enter stage left, Nibble + Squeak.  A family-friendly resource for restaurant dining that hosts private events empowering everyone to relax and enjoy the meal, in a welcoming and worry-free environment.  Nibble works with restaurants to create an “accessible, comfortable and accommodating haven for families with children of all ages”..but that’s not all folks, they “gather like-minded, empathetic and food-loving parents to share a no-stress meal around the table, together.”  Interesting right?  We agree.  With a network growing in more than 10 cities around the globe, this little company might just be what you are looking for.  And yes, they have a variety of Mother’s Day events happening, so #GetOnIt right about now.  We are cheering for our friends at Nibble + Squeak, and should they need a Boston ambassador, they know where to find us here at the Hip Daddy HQ!