Hip Daddy

11 15

Today’s Hip Mommy Must-Know: Flamingo.

You had to see this coming.  As you know, we love us some Harry’s when it comes to some Hip Daddy grooming.  We’ve covered them a bunch because…well, we like the brand and the product works! #Simple.  And what do you do if you are Jeff Raider? You start thinking about women- makes logical sense 🙂

Given the success of Harry’s for men, they are now introducing a line of hair removing wax strips (ouch), along with razors, gels and lotions…all for you, Hip Mommy.  Or shall we digress, for all women.  It’s a smart play and this idea of incubating new brands within the portfolio shows possible next level scale and overall legitimacy to yet a still young company.   It’s called Flamingo.  A great name btw, and one that deserves a look.  Body care that starts with hair…a simple belief and a beautiful statement.  The overall branding, packaging is ofcourse Hip Daddy Approved, we love a creative company with a purpose and true value prop.

So for all you Hip Daddys, get your Hip Mommys (and girlfriends, etc) in the know.  Flamingo is here, and likely here to stay.