Hip Daddy

06 17

Today’s Hip Daddy Approved Company: Smathers & Branson

Smathers & Branson was started by two roommates at Bowdoin College who were intrigued with needlepoint belts…a summertime classic staple…especially in the Northeast.  Given these guys went to Bowdoin, which is a small liberal arts college tucked deep away in Maine, they likely had plenty of time on their hands (separate from studying) to think about the next cool fashion accessory…and they did, nicely done Gents.  They simply wanted to make these belts more available, attractive and affordable…a focused and straightforward goal that is most definitely Hip Daddy Approved.  And by the way, we love the name…very New England yet ‘manly macho’ to some extent.

The needlepoint belts were only the start for Smathers & Branson as they have expanded into a complete line of needlepoint product offerings.  Our favorite?  The Jolly Roger bi-fold wallet.  Everyone loves a skull and bone print and it looks amazing in needlepoint.  More importantly, the kids like it too as it sparks all kinds of pirate thoughts and storytelling, but also serves as a sort of “Do Not Enter’…meaning, don’t touch or go in Daddy’s wallet!  And yes, the Animal belts will be a hit with the kids too…whales and flamingos are cool around the waist.  In addition, these guys are smart when it comes to marketing, establishing various licensing agreements with college/universities, fraternities/sororities, and MLB teams.  And their Custom Life Belt program is perfect…every Hip Daddy likes a little personalized product!

Needlepoint can be cool.  And Smathers & Branson are doing things right.  Buy one online today or check them out at over 1000 retail partner locations including North River Outfitters (for you Bostonians!)