Hip Daddy

02 13

The NBA Hip Daddy…

In honor of this weekend’s 66th NBA All Star Game, we thought we would honor some of our favorite Hip Daddys in the NBA.  And yes, there are a lot to choose from #nodoubt, but we did our best to narrow them down…

Steph Curry.  This back to back MVP, 2015 NBA Champion and father of two is the official Golden State Hip Daddy.  His wife Ayesha credits Steph with being an open minded, dedicated father who takes his time with their daughters to create memories they will learn to cherish…such as gracing the cover of Parents Magazine this past June.  Also, a philanthropist in the making, he was a huge contributor to the Nothing But Nets – United Nations Foundation campaign, and helped deliver 38,000 protective bednets to families in a Tanzanian refugee camp who are trying to combat malaria.  And finally, we’ve seen his off the court swagger and stye…the spotlight never stops shining on this Hip Daddy.  Looking forward to his domination on the West squad Sunday night!

Isaiah Thomas.  This East roster starter is having quite the season for the Boston Celtics, and after posting the best numbers in his career in 2016, he is now making his second All Star appearance.  A proud product of Tacoma, WA, he displays a sense of community during his annual Memorial Day Zeke-End basketball tournament. Being a father of two young boys, he understands the importance of providing athletic programs for local youths, a cause his tournament supports.  His five year old son, James, appreciates the efforts of his father, stating on national television that “Isaiah is the greatest basketball player.“ Now that’s an endorsement only a Hip Daddy is worthy of!

Chris Paul.  Although nursing an injury and not on the ASG roster for the first time in 9 years (!!), Mr. Paul is most def a Hip Daddy worth our list.  Over the span of 11 seasons and 773 games, CP3 has totaled 7688 assists, 1793 steals, two Olympic gold medals and is a proud father with two kids.  If you tally it up, know what you’d get? ONE Hip Daddy!  More than a basketball sensation, Chris is committed to creating opportunities for children to further their education. “Some people are going to forget the shot you made or missed…respecting the community, that’s what legacy really is,” …a statement he can also back up.  And ofcourse his style gets notice.  Residing in sunny California for most of the year, Chris’ versatile hat collection sure is handy.  Comprised of fedoras, fitted caps and snap backs, CP3 knows how to protect that skin from the SoCal sun 🙂  His swag is so contagious, his son has caught the bug. At the age of seven, Chris Paul II has 302k Instagram followers and is already influencing a future generation of Hip Daddys.

This list could go on and on, so for now, three is a good number.  Enjoy the entertaining weekend ahead, and most certainly, enjoy watching your favorite Hip Daddy dish and dunk!

Guest Contributor: NBA Super Fan Tayo Adaran.