Hip Daddy

02 12

The Hip Daddy V-Day Gift Guide. Read It.

It’s that time of year again, romance up in the Hip Daddy Household.  And likely some sweethearts, chocolate, and exchanged Valentines at school for the young ones.  Valentines Day is a happy day, and what makes the Hip Mommy and/or Hip Girlfriend even happier is ofcourse some sort of gift.  Flowers and dinner are #expected, so bring something else to your game.  We’ve curated a Hip Daddy Valentines Day Gift Guide for you and yours…

Handbags are always a good thing.  Get the MZ Wallace Medium Camo Metro Tote, it’s a versatile one and you know we love all things camo here at Hip Daddy HQ.

Beauty.  Kind of a #nobrainer, as we know she likes to keep her skin looking young and healthy.  Try some First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream as the harsh February conditions demand it!

For those that like to sweat, fitness related items are always a good thing and well received, so get her some SoulCycle classes and some new Nike Power Epic Lux leggings– you can never go wrong with any women’s apparel product from Nike!

And last but not least, take her on a trip- without the kids.  And what better spot than Cuba.  It’s now easier to visit, and quite close actually, and is a country that is simply beautiful with amazing culture.  From the sugar-white beaches to the pastel houses to the 1950s-era cars and Spanish-colonial architecture, Cuba is a sight to see.  And one final word for you…Salsa.  Does it get more romantic than some Salsa under the Caribbean skies in the Cuban heat? Um, no.  (Okay..we sound like a cheesy romantic novelist…our bad.)

Valentines Day is here.  Own it.