Hip Daddy

07 12

Tearing Your Achilles Tendon…Not Hip Daddy Approved.

It sucks.  Like really sucks.  Like triple sucks.  Like how could this happen to me sucks.  But…life goes on, so they say.  And forget about Googling it, too much information and too much stress.  So we are going to break it down for you quite simply with our Hip Daddy Healthonator:

How it’s likely going to happen?

You will be playing something not necessary (like a Saturday morning pick up basketball game with a bunch of old guys) and you will all of the sudden feel as if you got shot or someone kicked you in the lower part of the calf/upper ankle, you will turn around to see nobody behind you, and you will go down.  And you are done.  It’s a torn Achilles.  Actually quite fascinating…this is literally like the #1 account of anyone who has ever torn it (kicked in the leg/shot)…the same story.  Crazy.

What happens next?

You cry in a corner for a long time and wish you never decided to play that basketball game anyways, going for a nice run would have been perfect, it’s not like you are a weekend warrior Kobe Bryant (although he tore his achilles too)…okay, we digress.  LOL.  You get surgery or you don’t.  Recent studies have paved the way for some to say, surgery ain’t so great after all.  But it’s your call Hip Daddy, just do your diligence and see a couple doctors for different POVs.  A long road is ahead, but again, things could be worse.  Positive vibes people.


Regardless of what you do, you will be in a cast for some time, and this sucks #plainandsimple.  Good news is the kids have something to sign, bad news is you are wearing it 🙂  Immobility is the name of the game and not putting weight on it is like how you will be livin’, but you gotta keep on moving- good for the body and good for the soul.  So this means crutches, which shockingly have not seen any sort of innovative design update in decades or really ever- how is this possible btw? Anyhow, crutches are really not fun so you need to change the game…


You NEED the knee walker.  Done and done.  This lovely grandma like scooter is going to change your life, and will make everything much easier, like so much better.  And yes, the kids will think you are super cool which actually kind of matters when they see the great Hip Daddy injured.  So rent it.  And it will also teach you to have a new found respect for all things handicap accessible!

In the Words of Rihanna, “Rehab”

Long road to recovery but evidently the tendon heals back even stronger, so you will be back in the saddle eventually.  Patience, acceptance, and hard work is what you will need.  Find a top notch therapist, maybe a pool too, and get to work.  Likely some fun exercise to do with the kids, but safety first, no hero Hip Daddy movements please!


Find the silver lining, and just remember to take it one day at a time.  Breathe.   Oh, and never play that pick-up game again…