Hip Daddy

06 15

Surfside Supply is Father’s Day Ready.

Well, we know one thing.  All we want for Father’s Day is some Surfside Supply.  An all-time fave, Surfside Supply is the ultimate brand for every Hip Daddy and #thatsthetruth.  At the beach, in the office, rockin’ the playground, sidelines at the lax game, grillin for the friends,  you name it, Surfside has you covered.

Let’s get it started with the Grosgrain polo in the turkish sea color (boom), then every Hip Daddy needs a flowery shirt like this (sexy), a classic white short is a summer must, and to finish it all off, the pineapple volley trunk will dominate any beach or pool…and that’s a Hip Daddy guarantee.

Happy Father’s Day Hip Daddy Nation.  Surfside Supply is your attire, and style.