Hip Daddy

07 02

Summer Staple: Tank Tops, All Day Long.

Okay, this has been a long and hot Summer, a different one all around #Covid.  And therefore comfort is king.  So yes, that’s why this Hip Daddy has likely worn a tank top 80% of the time.  That’s right, “suns out guns out.”  Let the arms and shoulders breathe a little.  Let the tan seep in.  Let’s get after it.

And we aren’t talking any sort of tank top (think Jersey cheese), we are talking class and style.  We came across the brand Fourlaps years ago when they just started out, but once we saw Peloton’s Cody wearing their collab tank during a ride, we were back on them #obviously.  So yeah, we have 4 Dash tanks in rotation and rock them all Summer long.  Check out the latest styles here.   Tank top until you don’t stop.