Hip Daddy

05 23

Stretch, Hip Daddy. Stretch.

Summer is almost here, and that means every Hip Daddy needs to be ready to go…no injuries, no stiffness, just an athletic fluid body ready to go Dad!

Stretch.  Stretch.  Stretch.  And here’s 10 Reasons Why:

1.) It’s good for you.  It’s not bad for you.  Period.

2.) Stretching relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles….smart.

3.) It will take 5-10 minutes.  Wake up, set the timer on your phone, and give it a go.  No excuses.  Time worth spent.

4.) Flexible muscles are less likely to become injured.  This is especially important for all you weekend warrior and health club athletes.  Your body is older, injuries are coming…and btw, a torn achilles is not fun.  And for you Hip Daddy Runners…this is kinda important!

5.) It might even make you taller, and for some of you Hip Daddys out there, that’s a good thing #justsayin.

6.) If you stick with a routine, you will indeed feel more ‘pliable’ (Tom Brady-esque) and overall, more fluid movement as you go about your daily lifestyle.

7.) Being more flexible is good for a lot of things…:)

8.) You will get stronger, stretching increases strength.

9.) Stretching reduces stress.  So…no brainer.

10.)  It’s simply good for you.  Like really good for you.

Spend the 5-10 minutes.  Now.  Trust.