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We Love Dr. Dre, But Bose is Still a Player…

Okay, so you can’t deny Beats by Dre.  They were started by some masterful music minds, and came onto the scene with a very stylish and sleek product design, then signed up every amazing athlete to wear them, and the rest is history.  Their marketing and advertising is pretty awesome, and has indeed propelled their growth….simply put, every Hip Daddy needs some Beats in their life.   That said, do you remember that first set of headphones you bought for airline travel, the noise canceling ones that transformed every flight you ever took? Those were made by Bose.  And Bose, despite losing the marketing game to the likes of Beats (and even Sonos…another Hip Daddy favorite), still makes brilliant products that you need to know about…

Bose has been in the game for years.  Amar Bose founded the company in 1964 and it remains a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all forms of audio equipment (even better, it is a local Massachusetts based company which we can easily support too!)  The Holidays are here, and music and sound remains a fixture to every Hip Daddy lifestyle.  And the Bose Soundlink Speaker is the perfect gift.   This little beauty is sleek, durable, simple to use, and packs a punch when it comes to sound.    It serves this active and mobile Hip Daddy lifestyle , meaning you can take this thing anywhere and everywhere…wireless connection, lasting battery, and made of materials that are built to last.  Further, the vibrant color offerings make it appealing and does a nice job modernizing the brand in some ways.  One final miscellaneous note…although Beats seems to own the pro athlete, Bose does have the NFL coaches on their team…interesting to think about.  Hmm.

Bose knows sound.  And music makes the world go round.  Did we just rhyme?  So get that Holiday shopping started…buy some Beats Wireless headphones (just because you should) but check out some Bose too…they won’t let you down.  Hip Daddy Approved.