Hip Daddy

03 10

Rebel Field For The Hip Daddy Home.

The Hip Daddy Household needs cool stuff.  Period.  Whether it be hi-tech to lo-fi, our homes are important and help our busy lives as parents ‘work.’  From furniture to electronics to sound to toys to appliances to bedding, the Hip Daddy household needs the right balance.

Although we love a clean wall (which isn’t happening…especially if  you have little ones), hanging a nice piece of art or portrait pic (of Father/Son perhaps) or some other sort of design element will add style, warmth and some personality to any room.  We recently came across this upstart home lifestyle brand, Rebel Field, which creates handmade American goods, including this really cool flag.  Their Freedom Flag, made from 100% wool felt, was inspired by the iconography of the earliest Americana and created in the spirit of independent revolutionaries.  Created in collaboration with designer Michael Adams, this Flag will look good pretty much anywhere in the house/apartment- from the kitchen to the office to the den to the man cave to the kids room.  Versatile.   By the way, we love the brand name, Rebel Field…feels very open and democratic yet rebellious and perhaps a bit disruptive.  So give them a look, your household could always use some more ‘freedom.’