Hip Daddy

01 25

Parachute Enters Mattress Game. Get On It.

Here at the Hip Daddy HQ, we take our sleeping serious. Like really serious. Every Hip Daddy needs the proper rest to keep doing what you do! So we are always on the lookout for those companies out there attempting to elevate and make our sleeping experience even better. And yes, the right pillows and bedding are a must, but it all starts with the mattress. We always cheer for a disruptor like Casper, but when it comes to mattresses, this Hip Daddy needs a bit more #luxe :).

The eco-friendly Parachute has been on the scene making noise with some luxury bedding sheets for a hot second, and now they are extending into the mattress space…makes sense. And evidently it is quite the mattress. The innovative ergonomic zones relieve pressure points and align the spine, while the layers of pure New Zealand wool mixed with 100% organic cotton will no doubt assist a superior sleep.

Parachute has the Hip Daddy vibe, from a design and overall style POV. We like this new company, and perhaps you should too. Sleep, it does the body good. Get some, and get on a Parchute.