Hip Daddy

05 28

Namebubbles: Every Hip Daddy Needs Some Labels

This could be one of the more important posts written in a long time here at Hip Daddy HQ.   And it has to deal with ‘not losing stuff’ and keeping those clothing coming home!  If you have kids, especially younger kids, losing things is a fact of life.  It just is.  No matter how Type A you might be, items get misplaced and our kids…are kids.  That said, the simple things in life might just help your Hip Daddy cause as it relates to this issue…

Namebubbles is a cool name label company, indeed waterproof and laundry safe.  These things don’t come off.  And they aren’t boring…from shapes to colors to all sorts of personalization options,  Namebubbles look good on any piece of clothing, sippy, bottle, bag, hat…you name it, they have you Hip Daddy covered.  Items will return, no doubt…or in principle, they should (insert smiley face here.)  And for those divorced Hip Daddys who find clothing going back and forth from households from time to time, these small round clothing labels might just make that ‘process’ easier and convenient for both parents.

This is one of those no brainer posts that you don’t have to spend too much time with….Namebubbles, they’ll help you and your children not lose stuff #simpleasthat.  Hence the all importance of this post!  Enjoy.