Hip Daddy

07 20

Let’s Talk Outdoor Speakers.

Every Hip Daddy likes some tunes in their life.  Whether it be to blast some Drake at the college reunion tailgate or some Fresh Beat Band in the backyard, finding the right speakers can be a difficult task….especially when it comes to the Great Outdoors.

Lots to choose from, lots of great options.  But check out this LA based company called Outdoor Tech, and their Turtle Shell wireless speakers.  Lightweight yet durable and still pack a punch when it comes to decibels.  And the design is most certainly Hip Daddy Approved. Even better, they are affordable (which is not often the case in this category.)  The only thing we aren’t liking is the very very generic name…hello better brainstorm session? (haha) Alas, let’s keep it positive. Outdoor Tech is bringing the LA heat with these speakers!

So send some Good Vibes this summer, turn up the volume, and off you go.