Hip Daddy

02 26

It’s All About The Basics. Alternative Apparel.

The basics.  You just gotta have them.  Especially as a Dad.  Your wardrobe needs some flash, but the basics will end up getting you through the weekend.  And yes, GAP and UNIQLO are indeed Hip Daddy Approved when it comes to basis apparel needs, but we are really liking Alternative Apparel too…

Atlanta born, LA raised…Alternative is doing it right and with some nice storytelling along the way: “Since 1995, Alternative has grown into a leading lifestyle apparel brand that delivers the best quality and value in fashion basics.  Hand-crafted with signature vintage softness, each piece embodies our commitment to comfort, craftsmanship, community and authenticity.”  This brand is all about transparency and keeping it simple…something every Hip Daddy (and Mommy) consumer can respect and rally behind.  Their devotion to craftsmanship is clear and they are inspired by creative innovators always looking to better their craft.  Nice.  They also consider themselves “fabric innovators” and believe they are different from the rest because they put Fabric First.  We like this slant, and you can kind of feel it in the product itself.  Speaking of which, check out this Eco-Jersey Henley shirt and this Organic Pima Tee.  Perfect for the Hip Daddy weekend!  Finally, pair up Alternative Apparel with a nice pair of denim and some Chucks, and you are ready to rock n’roll any playground or any playdate…#justsayin.

The Basics are Badass.  Try some Alternative in store or online right about now.