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05 05

Cinco de Mayo is Here. The Top Margaritas in Boston Are…

We love Cinco de Mayo.  Likely because it’s a great excuse to have some guac…and more guac…and some chips of course…and some tacos…maybe even more tacos…etc etc.  Ah, and yes, there is the Margarita- a classic Cinco de Mayo rite of passage drink.  Although Boston is Boston and might not be the world’s most top destination for a Margarita (#obvious), there are a few gems out there worth trying out on this lovely, festive day.  Without further adieu…


Yep, it’s the best one out there for a Margie.  Fun atmosphere, good servers, always crowded for the most part.  A bit dark, but we guess ‘creepy’ can be good on this type of day.  Delicious chips and guac…and tacos.  Lolita is Hip Daddy Approved.


Given the somewhat awkward location in the South End (and the restaurant turnover in the neighborhood), some might think they would have been long gone by now.  But they aren’t.  Perhaps it is because of their dynamic tequila menu? Maybe so.  Alas, a good spot to check out and generally chill in terms of crowds.

Casa Romero

A true hole in the wall.  Literally entrance is in a back alley.  But again, been there for awhile, and so they are indeed doing something right!  It’s a destination spot, complete with delicious Mexican food, and yes, they can make a mean Margie.  “A little bit of Mexico in the heart of the Back Bay” is their slogan…#brilliant.

Border Cafe

Fine, this is a bit of a bandwagon selection here…but come on, it’s a lot of fun and yes, the Margarita is actually quite good.  The atmosphere might make it better, and the big bowls of chips help the cause too, but we do love us some Border Cafe once in awhile.  Harvard Square? Cambridge? You can’t go too wrong with this choice.

So there you have it.  Four spots for some Margaritas on this festive Cinco de Mayo! Eat, drink, be merry.  But seriously, eat lots of guar…