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07 04

The Hip Daddy Top 4 Reasons To Love July 4th


Yes, we love this Holiday.  It has some true meaning to it, and is one of those Holidays that always seems to be splendid and full of Hip Daddy celebration.  Likely due to the month of July…which signifies school is out..which signifies fun…which signifies less stress…which signifies the beach..which signifies swimming in the ocean…which signifies shark attacks…woa, sorry, our bad on that last one.  But seriously, have you watched the news? #StayingAwayFromCarolinas.

Anyhow, we digress.  We love July 4th and here’s why:


Smokebombs and Sparklers still matter.  The Firework industry has stepped up their game in the last decade where now you (yes you), can really blow some major sh#t up.  Like really loud and terrifying types of fireworks.  Like “run for the hills” type sounds…which we know is not always a fan favorite with the onlooking Hip Daddy kids.  So yes, we like to revert back to the basics, and love a good color smokebomb.  Yellow is great, while Purple is even more exciting.  And even better, smokebombs create some serious ‘sidewalk art’ after use, which all the kids will enjoy.  Sparklers are sparklers. Nothing better than seeing your kids run around at nightfall with some sparklers sparkling.  It’s sort of a Must-Do on any and all July 4ths.


It’s important.  And July 4th can be a more jovial, less stressful type Holiday where moods are merry and laughter is loud.  We like this.  It makes for better family bonding! So grab a family member, pull up a chair, lean back, and let the conversation flow. #DoneandDone.


There will be no Green Juice.  Hot dogs.  Hamburgers.  Potato chips.  Skewers.  Shrimp.  Pasta Salad. Corn on the cob.  Ketchup.  Mustard.  Mayo.  Pickles.  Watermelon.  Brownies.  Cookies.   Just eat.  It’s hot out, so you might burn it off.  And have more after the wiffle ball game too!

Again, there will be no Green Juice.


Some parades are very cool (i.e Macys) and some parades are not cool (i.e. anything New England Patriot related basically…haha.)  But for the most part, parades are awesome.  And the kids love them too!  Our favorite July 4th parade ever? Hands down, is in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  This Hip Daddy Travel Approved summer destination has the most perfect and adorably cute parade…complete with a quinteseential Main Street experience lined with beach chairs and red/white/blue.  From the local assemblymen walking in their decked out Holiday outfits to the cute Stage Harbor Yacht Club kids with banner to the beautiful Jack Wills summer employees on a Woodie to the louder Squire float, this Parade has it all.  One HD Tip….getting a front row seat can be difficult, so arrive early, you won’t be disappointed.

So there you have it.  Today is Independence Day.  Enjoy the kids, enjoy the show.  Watch a Parade, make some things explode, eat food and be festive.  And yes, wear some Red/White/Blue!