Hip Daddy

11 30

Gimmie Some, Chobani Gets Into The Kid Game.

Every Hip Daddy loves some Chobani yogurt, but when it comes to bringing that delicious offering to our children, that deserves a Hip Hip Daddy Hooray.

Gimmies, the company’s new children’s platform for kids, is now here.  From natural ingredients to probiotics to calcium to protein to Vitamin C to B, packing your child’s lunch box just got alot healthier, easier, and simply better.  Better eating for our kids is a good thing, so thank you Chobani.  This company just does it right, and we especially love their Incubator which supports “small food startups with big missions”…all in pursuit of bettering themselves, their future, and the greater good.

Gimmie some.  The Hip Daddy Household just got even better.