Hip Daddy

12 19

Gift Guide: HAY Sonos One.

Did you know over 50% of all Search will be done via Voice by 2020? Yes, it’s true.  So it’s time to get on the voice train.  We like a Google Assistant, but we all know and love Alexa too :).  Sonos is a Hip Daddy Household Fave, bringing amazing sound via an exceptional product line.  The Sonos One is simply “the smart speaker for all music lovers”.  Amazon Alexa is built in, which gives her the extra love she indeed needs, and this speaker is exactly what you need for a busy Holiday season, and a more innovative and ‘smart’ 2019.  Red is the one, so you need the HAY limited edition #stat, perfect for Christmas vibes and looks kinda like art.   Sonos has never let us down, great brand and still continuing to obsess over good-looking sound!