Hip Daddy

08 15

Flip Flops? Allbirds Continues To Excite Us.

What you put on your feet is important.  That’s a Hip Daddy #nobrainer.  And you know we here at Hip Daddy HQ always got your back (or feet) when it comes to all things shoes…or in this case, flips.  And yes, August is proving to be a hot one, so your feet need to breathe.  So let ’em.

Allbirds, the popular startup taking the footwear category by storm, has recently upped their Summer game with the introduction of the Sugar Zeffer– a pretty awesome flip flop made from sugarcane (not petrochemicals.)  Yes, we said sugarcane.  And according to the brand, the new material is the first carbon-negative green EVA foam ever developed!  Oh, and even sweeter, the price tag…$35…done deal.

We love innovation.  We love creativity.  We love disruption.  Therefore, we love Allbirds.  The eco-friendly revolution is here.  And Summer is still here, flip flops #stat.