Hip Daddy

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Maybe the title doesn’t work so well, but you will understand what we are doing here.  2020 was a year, period.  One that will hopefully never ever ever replicate itself again, ever.  So, many people are doing all sorts of things where you write down the “highlights” (what you learned etc) then you put them in some ‘vault’ in the cloud and open in 30 years and cry and tell stories…I get it, like it, but for the sake of Hip Daddy Nation, let’s do this in our little way.  Let’s talk about our stories of style, tech, health, etc during the year of 2020 that helped Hip Daddy get thru.  Ready, set, go…

Style.  Well, it was interesting.  Athleisure became the name of the game given the entire WFH landscape, and for this Hip Daddy, when the weather got warmer, we got outside (safely) as much we could…so you got work, and you got not work attire.  Our staples for work included the following: 1.) CDG anything, preferably the tee and the short sleeve polo shirt and then a sweatshirt.  Yes, we went all in on Commes des Garcons in 2020.  2.) Theory sweaters.  Yes, a lightweight v neck or crew neck in various colors dominated many Zooms over here. 3.) Jogger and more joggers given versatility, we especially loved this one from Lulu.  Our staples for weekend attire? 1.)  Outdoor Voices CloudKnit tees, soooo comfy and great quality, perfect for pretty much everything…and we don’t care that the Founder basically put them out of business 🙁  2.) Any and all Stance socks, hiked up.  Yes we got into the whole ‘socks pulled up to kneecaps or mid calf look’ with our Nike kicks and casual/athletic shorts- it was a good look #trust. 3.) Last but not least, come Summertime, all we did was wear a tank top, Fourlaps specifically, just read more here.  Tank top until you don’t stop :).

These are just some of the ‘hits’ that made COVID bearable from the Hip Daddy style/fashion perspective…simplicity and streamlined was the name of the game.