Hip Daddy

01 11


Maybe the title doesn’t work so well, but you will understand what we are doing here.  2020 was a year, period.  One that will hopefully never ever ever replicate itself again, ever.  So, many people are doing all sorts of things where you write down the “highlights” (what you learned etc) then you put them in some ‘vault’ in the cloud and open in 30 years and cry and tell stories…I get it, like it, but for the sake of Hip Daddy Nation, let’s do this in our little way.  Let’s talk about our stories of style, tech, health, etc during the year of 2020 that helped Hip Daddy get thru.  Ready, set, go…

TECH.  What a year for technology, so many people around the world learned so many new technologies.  It was a year of discovery and #mostdef a digital-first mentality.  Obviously, given the isolation and quarantined pandemic, we turned to video.  We mastered Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Facetime, messaging apps, etc.  If it had a screen, you were on it.  Within that, our new platform for work became Slack…such a collaborative and easy to use piece of tech that amazingly works well on mobile and desktop, kudos to Slack for developing such a useful product (and apparently Salesforce agreed with a $28B pricetag.). On the more ‘fun’ side, yes, we may have dipped our toes into the TikTok waters to see what our kids were up to, but maybe even for ourselves (1 or 2 nights :)).  During a pandemic, any and all ‘releases’ were explored in some cautious form, #necessity.  Finally, we also got creative and leveraged simple apps like Mixbook to take those thousands of photos on the phone and tune them into numerous physical coffee table photobooks…and yes, they were a HIT in this Hip Daddy household- there is something special about a photo in a book compared to a phone, it’s true.  And let’s not even talk about the QR code and scanning these for all sorts of information, especially dining out.

The world advanced digitally.  Hip Daddy advanced.  We all advanced…and persevered :).