Hip Daddy

06 18

“Hi Dad.” How Come No One Ever Holds That Sign Up?

Years ago, we ran this #HIDad campaign over Father’s Day weekend at MLB stadiums nationwide.  It was a Success.  Let’s bring it back!


Hi Dad.

How come no one ever holds that sign up?  Or proclaims it joyously to the camera?  Why did it take almost sixty years after the national recognition of Mother’s Day (est 1914), for Father’s Day (est 1972) to get equal billing?  The below excerpt is from a very famous Hip Daddy writer…

“It’s not as if dear old Dad cared, or even noticed.  He was probably too busy doing Dad things.  Fixing a door hinge.  Fine tuning the surround sound for the umpteenth time.  Working late.  Or maybe just glaring sternly at you from across the room to let you know that it was high time you stop pestering your sister and/or get off your phone…And Pops was content to do just that—to wait in the wings and simply make sure you turned out okay while Mom (that attention monger) likes status updates and takes all the paternal kudos.  I mean, albeit indirectly, he brought you into this world and what’s more manly than that? Nothing.  But The Dad is a humble beast.  All business.  As usual.  It’s good to see a man like that get his day, but we think he deserves 364 more of them.  So let’s make up for some lost time.

Celebrate all things Dad.”

Give Dad his long overdue.  Print out a sign and hold it up proudly.  Today.  Every day.  Bonus points if you do it for the camera and hash tag #HIDAD @HipDaddy!.


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