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Baby Clothes Needed? Monica + Andy Has You Covered.

Okay, yes, we admit, baby clothes are just so darn adorable, they never get old…like never.  And yes, it may appear there is constantly some new baby clothing company popping up every other day (by some young hipster or fashionista who just had a baby and a vision), but that’s okay…Hip Daddy is here to guide you to the ‘one.’  With that, please meet Monica + Andy.

Monica + Andy.  You guessed right…Monica is the mom and Andy is the dad…shocker! 🙂  Sometimes being overt and obvious is smart, so good job.  The company is “a kind + conscious clothing company creating organic essentials for moms and babies, made by moms with babies.”  Simple.  They also have something called the “pinky promise” which sounds curious and sort of comforting…which every new parent needs.  The clothes speak for themselves, this Believe in Unicorns romper is so cute we kinda want to wear, and this Vegan Leather Let’s Dance is an instant classic!  They also offer some amazing ‘boxes’ for expecting moms which is super duper smart and stylish.

Again, Monica is the mom and Andy the Hip Daddy.  Give them a look, it’s kinda adorable.