Hip Daddy

12 05

All You Need is Velour, #Facts. Surfside Supply Does It Again.

Cozy.  It’s a perfect word as December creeps in.  Fireplaces, flannel pajamas, hot chocolate, Christmas aroma in the air, the scene is set.  But most importantly, Hip Daddy needs to look the part, and ‘feel’ the part.  So let’s talk about velour, it’s hot.

Like every Dad (and parent), Hip Daddy does indeed have its’ favorites.  And in this case, Surfside Supply is always poppin’ to the head of the household.  The design, the fabrics, the little details, the care, and ofcourse that swag style it presents…that’s why we continue to love this beachwear brand designed in NYC.  So enter stage left, the Velour loungewear collection.  From the Danny full zip hoodie to the Jack jogger (and even the Chuck short for that Miami poolside vacation at the 1 Hotel), it’s the type of product you simply want to wear #alldayeveryday as the Holiday season comes alive.  And more importantly, the PERFECT gift for each and every Hip Daddy.

Cozy.  Holidays.  Velour.  Surfside Supply.  Get it.