Hip Daddy

01 01

Happy New Year Hip Daddy Nation. Time To Reset…

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  This year is about focus and prioritization.  In that spirit, here are some simple yet meaningful resolutions:

1.) Floss.  Simple stuff.  But your gums and oral health matter as you get older, and although we don’t find flossing easy..it’s easy and takes less than a minute.  Get into a daily habit, finally.

2.) Stretch.  Keep the body moving and ready to go with the kids.  So stretch those legs, that upper body, the neck…take up yoga, or simply do 5 minutes each morning.  It will go a long way, #trust.

3.) Eat more antioxidants.  Fruits and veggies folks, that’s the name of the game for 2023.  Get on them.

4.) Do Sudoku.  Yes, some brain games will keep you on your game, and help keep that aging brain younger.  Download an app, play each day.  Again, minutes of your day that will go a long way.

5.) Screen time Police.  Yes, it’s okay to be a helicopter parent when it comes to your children’s screen time.  The pandemic hasn’t helped and let’s all be honest, the kids have seen way too many screens.  It’s time to detox, and the kids may not like you for it, but police time in effect!

2023 is here and Hip Daddy is ready to conquer.  #LetsGo.