Hip Daddy

08 28

Add the Little League World Series to The Bucket List. Now.

Williamsport, PA.  Yes, it is Bucket List worthy.  The Little League World Series is a special, special sporting event unlike any other.  The Hip Daddy team made the trip to central PA to take in this Summertime classic, and oh boy, was it worth it.  Having been to many of the top sporting events (Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Kentucky Derby, World Series, Final Four, US Open, etc), we would absolutely put the #LLWS near the very top, if not the top.  For real.  It’s that special.

No frills.  Just good ole America…and our national past time.  The environment is electrifying, the scenery is what it looks like on TV (#perfect), the games are all free, the players are heroic, the families are nervous, the parking is easy, the crowd is diverse with the many international teams, the food is cheap and good, “the hill” is worth the slide, the seats are unassigned, the entire thing is just HAPPY.  Not to mention the awesome brand activations from the likes of Chick-Fil-A and Dick’s Sporting Goods…hello no brainer for those brands to be there!  And by the way, these kids are good, like reeeaaallly good.  So yeah, the baseball is darn good too :).  Stay in any of the hotels recommended as they are all fine and basic, there are no Ritz Carltons or Four Seasons here in Williamsport…and no, not even a 1 Hotel either.  Eat at the Perkins (just because you have to) and take some time in this quaint town of baseball beauty.  And side note…for those making this a roadtrip like we did, the Skytop Lodge is a 2 hour drive away and is kinda epic in it’s own right…(but we will handle this one in another post later.)

The Little League World Series demands Bucket List status.  Trust us.  You always do.