Hip Daddy

12 03

A Versatile Tote For Any Hip Daddy Household.

Every Hip Daddy has a variety of bags…from a Hershel backpack to a Filson work bag to a canvas LL Bean to maybe some sort of stylish diaper bag.  But then there are times when that bag you have just isn’t ‘right’ for what you need…the pockets just don’t hold enough or you simply don’t want them to be stuffed full of “stuff.’  We feel you.  These moments in time call for a Tote of sorts…smaller, sleaker and stylish.  We’ve covered UNIQLO before, and we really respect this Japanese brand.  Affordable yet stylish in so many ways.  And yes, in case you haven’t noticed, they are starting to pop-up everywhere in the US, mostly mall locations (which is a bit strange to us) but if it works for them, you go GLO…

This Quilted Bag tote from UNIQLO is a perfect throw-all for whatever you got going on. Maybe it functions as a gym bag? Or maybe it carris some legos and matchbox cars? Or ofcourse a bottle and wipes/diapers work too. Gloves/scarfs/hats that refuse to be worn at this very second despite the frigid temps outside? Fine, the tote will take them too.  Or how about a day of meetings in the city where a backpack is too casual but a messenger bag briefcase is too formal? The tote works. Goldfish? Check. Elmo? Hell yeah.  This bag is multidimensional, versatile and looking good no matter where it journeys.

As every Hip Daddy can attest to, ‘packing light is better life.’   Bags are key to any successful Hip Daddy Household.  UNIQLO has you covered.