Hip Daddy

12 04

Stylish Personalized Hats? Butterscotch To The Rescue.

Keeping the head warm in these cold weathered months is a must.  And keeping it warm and cute is also sort of kind of…cute.  And we are talking those from newborn to Daddys, all heads need some love this time of year. But for the purposes of talking about really lovely things, let’s keep focused on the Hip Daddy kids for this one…

Butterscotch Blankees started as a blanket company by Hip Mommy Jodie Roth.  “As a mother, I was looking to give my two sons bedrooms something special where they could feel the warmth and love when they snuggled into bed each night”…pretty good reason to start a company, well done Jodie! And of course she brought her custom designed and handcrafted talents to other products beyond just the blankees…and so here we are.  Having a gigantic name tag on your hat with a cool piece of artwork/logo/graphic might sound cheesey at first, but simply look at these hats.  One word for you…adorable.  Oh, and three others…Hip Daddy Approved.  Surely by now you know our fascination with the Skull&Bones logo, so obviously we would pick this one.  But regardless, Butterscotch has so many different varieties for every Hip Daddy and Mommy, you won’t be left out in the cold, literally.  And let’s be honest, personalizing it with HIP DADDY might just be a great great idea….#justsayin.

Butterscotch has some legit distribution as well (for you Boston based readers, Magic Beans is your destination) which means a cute and warm personalized hat is closer than you think.  It’s cold out.  Wear some Butterscotch and have your little one looking plain a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.