Hip Daddy

10 28

Why We Love Halloween.

A #TBT post here to the days of Halloween, uninterrupted by COVID-19.  Halloween will never lose it’s luster, it’s too darn magical to get dethroned by a disease….so let’s enjoy it:

Happy Halloween!  Hip Daddy Loves this “holiday” and here’s why:


Carving pumpkins with the kids is an event in itself.  Scooping out the seeds can be a dirty affair, but the creativity in designing the pumpkins is always so much fun to watch.  Seriously.  And the carving sets (which we did not have growing up) actually make the carving process damn easy.  Like too easy.  Like we miss the knife cutting jaggedly into the pumpkin with high possibility of slicing off a finger.  Pumpkins are simply put…lots of fun.


A given.  Costumes make us laugh, make us curious, maybe make us cry (and scream) but all in all, likely make us smile.  And smiling is Hip Daddy Approved, #throughandthrough.  Let the kids go nuts.  And one piece of advice to all you Hip Daddys out there looking to ‘wow’ the fellow parents with your amazing costume…let it go.  It is about the kids, stop stealing the thunder.  Don’t be that do**che of a Dad.

Trick or Treating

A special cultural moment that all Hip Daddys and kids will forever cherish. The concept in itself is bizarre…dress up in a costume, walk around your neighborhood or city with hundreds of other kids, and receive candy from strangers.  Hmm.  A bit frightening but alas…something simple and beautiful to it.


Per the above, Halloween gives the Hip Daddy Household excuses to act in ways you normally might not act.  And more importantly, gives you an excuse to eat Skittles or Kit Kat like nobody’s business.  And yes, it’s okay, every Hip Daddy steals candy from their children…just this once.   Just brush.

Orange Is The New Black

You can’t forget the style aspect that Halloween allows, and that means the color Orange.  Every Hip Daddy needs some orange in their wardrobe, so find it.  It pops, and looks damn good this time of year.

Happy Hip Daddy Halloween.  Enjoy the night, be safe, smile often, and make them brush twice 🙂