Hip Daddy

07 10

Whalebone. Montauk Style.

Yes, Hip Daddy loves some Hamptons getaways come Summertime (hello Wolffer) , it just makes everything better.  And if you drive far enough, Montauk you will be.  And let the relaxing and discovery begin…

Whalebone.  A once t-shirt shop turned hybrid media company, a lifestyle brand, a magazine, a creative studio, lots going on at Whalebone…and all inspired by the surfer #goodvibes of lovely Montauk.  Love the overall creativity and soul of this brand, it bleeds authenticity and simply puts a smile on your face.  For the sake of this post, let’s keep it simple.  Hip Daddy Style needs some Whalebone clothing, and we are liking the straight up Bone Tee for the hot Summer days, and the Indicator zip hoodie for the chilly Summer nights.  Start with those two, and you are Montauk Golden!

Something about Montauk.  Whalebone is mos def Hip Daddy Approved.