Hip Daddy

08 22

These KITH Pants Are Hip Daddy Adorable…

KITH NYC has got it going on with it’s new kids apparel line, the Just Us Collection.


Established in 2011, KITH is a multifunctional lifestyle brand for men, women, and of course the kids.  The brand seeks to “push the boundaries to deliver customers a completely unique experience offering an array of premium product.”  Hip Daddy likes those who push any boundary, so go go KITH.  Anyhow, the product itself…

The Kidset Bowery II Pant is, yes, Hip Daddy Adorable.  Period.  It’s basically a short but with a stitched-in layered inner pant leg which the kids will #mosdef love, and who doesn’t like an adjustable drawstring? We do.  And we kinda like their logo too, bold yet stylish.

So Back to School is here so check out KITH.  And for you Hip Daddy New Yorkers, check out their uber cool retail establishments too.