Hip Daddy

01 15

Ranger Station: Candles With Heart.

Every Hip Daddy Household loves a perfectly scented candle, especially in the Winter months. Warmth and smell. And thanks to our Hip Daddy renowned photographer and designer Kevin Korn, we now know a new candle company we are kinda lovin’.

Ranger Station is based in Nashville and is a Hip Daddy Must-Know. Two things…awesome name and yes, more and more creativity/innovation is coming our of Nashville these days…the next Austin? Maybe.
Ranger Station pours each of their finished candles into a perfectly-weighted cocktail glass, designed to be both reusable and collectable. Candles and cocktails…#smart. They look impeccable and from Balsam Fir to Oakmoss to Tobacco/Musk, they got a fragrance for every Hip Daddy.

We also love this company because of their purpose and serving their larger community. They partner with the women survivors of Thistle Farms (whose mission is to heal, empower and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction) who help hand pour their candles…#amazing. Well done Ranger Station.

Well done Nashville.