Hip Daddy

01 16

Hip Mommy Heads-Up…You Want In The Wing.

We always enjoy giving our fellow Hip Mommys some 411 once in awhile, but chances are they might already be in the Know on this one, but if not, you’re welcome Hip Mommy Nation.

The Wing is coming to a city near you (well not all of you, but the select few.:)) and it’s kinda the ‘club’ you want in on. No, it’s not a WeWork for Women, but rather a co-working space that functions more like a Soho House for women. Indeed that is what it is, a women’s club. And it is quite exclusive so we hear, meaning it’s not that easy to get accepted…which is smart and right. Top female CEOs, CMOs, etc are all filling out their applications #rightaboutnow. So get in the know, give The Wing a look, a New Year means networking!