Hip Daddy

03 25

Puddles And Kids Equal Hunter Boots.

Water is here.  Snow is melting, “April showers” are a coming, which means all your Hip Daddy children’s feet need some extra special attention.  Simply put, they need a legit boot.  And yes, maybe even super duper cute and stylish…

Most of you know Hunter.  If not, just visit any New England based college/university and see what the girls are wearing come Spring shower time.  Yep, that would be Hunter.  Hunter is a British heritage brand known for the iconic Original Boot with almost 160 years of history.  Wow.  That’s lots of rubber.  And their Kid’s Collection is one every Daddy and Mommy need to know about…right about now.  Most specifically, the Kids Davison Rain Boot is a Hip Daddy Can’t Miss.  Yes, it’s comfy, has an adjustable strap which provides a bespoke fit for any size, and includes an added nylon pull-tab and rubber kick-spur to make it easier to put the boot on and take it off.  Whoever designed this boot understands children, nicely done.  And we love the array of unique colors- any and all playground will notice!  And those puddles? Forget about them- these boots were made for splishing and splashing.

So there you have it.  Hunter has you covered for your upcoming springtime children’s boot purchase.  Enjoy the water.