Hip Daddy

07 25

Orlebar Brown Design Your Own #SNAPSHORTS.

It’s Summer.  It’s been a hot one these last few weeks, like really sweaty hot.  You likely spent lots of time in the water with the kids, and perhaps even worn out your swimsuit just a bit.  We have here.  But regardless, when we come across an awesome swim trunk, you will hear about it.  So let’s get swimming and start talking about a great brand from across the pond…

Orlebar Brown, “Intrinsically British but ultimately international”…evidently.  Launched in 2007 in London, this brand takes on a more tailored approach to men’s beach and swim shorts- something you can wear on the beach, by the pool but then also to a lunch or for a drink…versatile?  We like.  I mean, after a long day of beach play with the kids, you might just need a Corona Light or Margarita (or a Perrier) at the local summer dive bar…so Orlebar Brown has you covered…all day.  No changing required.  Keep it simple and moving in the hot sun.  Period.  You could even take a meeting in their shorts, and yes, if it is over 90 degrees and you are in a city…a nice short is okay as far as Hip Daddy HQ is concerned.

But let’s talk about their Design Your Own Service, and their awesome app called #SNAPSHORTS.  Coolest invention ever…well, maybe not, but we love it.  In a nutshell, download the app, upload your favorite photo or design or doodle or whatever, put it in your placeholder swim trunk, then perfect it how you like, submit, and off you go…a few weeks later your customized trunks arrive!  A favorite summer memory, a special beach, the kids, a cool design, whatever floats your boat…it can go on this trunk.  Although putting a family photo on your swim trunks might sound weird…it is weird, so stay away from that and go with more landscape shot or some sort of special memory/moment.  These trunks are stylish and made with amazing materials so expect to pay, but who doesn’t love a little customization in their Hip Daddy life?!

You still got plenty of Summer left.  And you can never have too many stylish, versatile bathing suits.  Get some #SNAPSHORTS in your life.  Thank you London!