Hip Daddy

12 01

Need Gifts? Hello Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

December is here.  Which mean you need to start shopping.  Sort of exciting, maybe a bit depressing, somewhat awesome, but overall, get in the Hip Daddy Holiday spirit and start spending some money!  And when it comes to gift giving for the kids, with the big things you need the little things….

Hello Copenhagen.  And hello Flying Tiger.  Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a Danish variety store selling lots of really cool things, and mostly in the kid toy realm.  But first off, let’s give them props for the name and overall branding…job well done.  Pure Scandinavian design.  We like.  It’s been around for awhile, but perhaps a bit harder to come by here in the States.  They describe themselves as the following: “At our stores, you’ll find things you need, things you’ve dreamed of and things you never even knew existed. Things for your home, your kids and more.”  Having been in a store, this is exactly how I would have described them.  And yes, there is a sense of ‘dreaminess’ upon encountering this brand.  From stocking stuffers to fun ‘gag’ gifts to last minute presents, Flying Tiger has every Hip Daddy covered this holiday season. We love their miniature sport games such as air hockey, backgammon and more- perfect for every Hip Daddy road trip!  Or even a fun little robot, or yes, you too Hip Daddy can get in on the Flying Tiger fun with this perfect ‘suit’ (kinda creepy but guaranteed to get some laughs…and kid’s laughter we love.)

You need gifts Hip Daddy.  So check out Flying Tiger and you will be delightfully intrigued with this Danish brand.  Happy December.