Hip Daddy

06 19

James Perse V-Neck…Done and Done.

Summer is here and yes, we love a V-neck tee.  It’s sort of a must have for any and all Hip Daddy summer plans.  And if you happen to be sporting some chest hair, even better (the V-neck might just show off some of your chest).  Now, you don’t want to go for the ‘plunging’ v-neck, that shows a bit too much and you my as well just rock a tank top.  No, the V- neck needs to be perfect.  And yes, when we think of perfection in tees, we think of James Perse

James Perse is straight outta LA and has been bringing excellent men’s (and women’s) product to market for years now which blend luxe and causal in an awesome way.  The designs are simple but stylish and fit niiiice.  We love a lot of his collection, but are addicted to their V neck tees.  This Jersey V-Neck is kinda perfect with some denim or summertime whites…if we could have every color, we just might (if we don’t already have :))

Just do it.  James Perse.  Done.