Hip Daddy

12 03

Hip Daddy & Art Basel: Perfect Together.

Things in Miami are about to heat up (even more.)  Art Basel is upon us yet again in the lovely Wynwood district of Miami.   It’s all about the art, the beautiful scenery, the tropical temps, creativity, good vibes, and even more art.  And Hip Daddy will be in attendanace, capturing all sorts of content and artisitic flair.

Despite all the private parties and big brand events, Art Basel still somehow maintains the ‘art’  And our most enticing ‘event’ is watching the great graffitit artist, Alec Monopoly, paint a mural on one of the more epic wall locations of all Basel.  Prime spot, great viewing, unbelievably talented artist.  Evidently he will be debuting his new sticker pack for the messaging app, Viber.  Alec is going mobile and bringing his amazing artwork to the digitial world…and a lot of it considering Viber has well over 600 million users! We don’t need some lavish party with celebs or a private dinner party sponsored by an auto maker or fast food chain. We simply want true art, in it’s simplest form.  No fanfare.  Just creativity.  Thank you Viber, thank you Alec, for keeping it real!

Viva Miami!  Good Vibes.