Hip Daddy

01 30

Eye Cream. It’s Okay, Dads Need It Too.

Who wants wrinkles? Not many.  But they are a part of life and aging, so we deal with them.  That being said, there are ways in which we can help ourselves and our skin as we get older…(and we aren’t talking botox or any of that ‘stuff.’)  Plain and simple Hip Daddy Nation, you will likely need some eye cream at some point in your life.  It’s a good thing, really.  And although the ‘application process’ can be very intimidating- the hole dabbing with your finger tips versus just simply rubbing it on your skin- it is indeed worth the struggle.

ClarinsMen Anti-Fatique Eye Serum.  A mouth full, we know, but it supposedly works wonders and proclaims “youthful-looking eyes are in sight.”  This invigorating eye serum temporarily decongests puffiness, brightens dark circles and smoothes the look of wrinkles by tightening eye contours.  Well then…sounds like Clarin most def has you covered (around the eye area that is.)

Plant based beauty is a beautiful thing.  And keeping your eyes looking good is always a smart move.  So don’t shy from the eye cream gents thinking only the Hip Mommy applies, it’s for you too.