Hip Daddy

03 28

What’s This #Bagelgate Madness? Panera is On it.

It started with an innocent tweet, it then went viral. Like really viral. Like everybody talking about it, and every media outlet covering it. Wow. Why? Bagels. Bread makes the world go ’round, and if you slice it like they say in the STL, it’s even better for the Hip Daddy kids…

Panera is obviously in the Hip Daddy Hall of Fame, it’s just perfect for every parent. 100% clean food, better than fast food, and a place where the kids like to actually go…kinda difficult in today’s landscape of ‘food’ and restaurants. And with this kind of bagel, we can get creative with each child in terms of toppings and portion control!

It’s truly genius. Well done STL, well done Panera (eek, Bread Co.) #Bagelgate is a good thing :).