Hip Daddy

04 27

The Work From Home Style Guide #2.

Comfort is key during these times at home, yet style is necessary given our Zoom ‘video on’ life.  You gotta still look good Hip Daddy Nation :).   So let’s get started:

-Anything and everything Todd Snyder.  We love this designer, especially his Champion collab.  If the sweatshirt shown is still avail, grab it.  If not, just go here, #stat.

Comme des Garcons Play Tee.  It’s that simple.  Staple.  hit up Dover Street Market asap.

Stance underwear.  You gotta be comfy all around, and we love everything Stance brings to the table…or body.  And their patterns are straight attractive, you feel us?

Underwear, a sweatshirt and a staple Tee.  Working from home is looking better every day.