Hip Daddy

03 30

The Work From Home Style Guide #1.

Just because you are working from home does not mean you lose all sense of Hip Daddy style.  We are here to help.  Introducing our new weekly series, the “WFH Style Guide”, because you might just need it.  Let’s keep it simple our first time around:

1.) A piece of denim.  Because a great pair of jeans will get you through this, #trust.   Try an American icon like Levis in orange (because an orange jean is sweeet) or something from down South, Raleigh Denim Workshop.

2.) A clean shoe.  If there ever was a time to slip into a clean white Chuck Taylor, day after day, it is now.  Converse…it’s called a Classic for a reason.

3.) A “dressed-up” hoodie.  Enough with the college sweatshirts etc, you need some professionalism up top.  Look no further than our fave, the James Perse vintage fleece hoodie.  Stylish, comfy and looks damn good on any video call :).

Start there, more next week.  Let’s go Hip Daddy Nation!