Hip Daddy

02 15

Stay Calm, Calm Is Here.

Here at Hip Daddy HQ, we always have our eyes and ears open for the latest start-up companies starting to make some waves, and sure enough, the world of meditation is starting to heat up. But stay Calm and get Calm…

Meditation and mental health-focused startup Calm has raised $88 million in a series B round of funding from the likes of Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures fund, as well as our friends at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). This now means the SF based company has now raised north of $115 million which naturally puts them in the “unicorn” club- as it now has a valuation of exactly $1 billion. Nice going for a mediation app. Maybe Hip Daddy needs some sort of version of this? #justsayin.

We believe in these types of mindfulness and motivational companies attempting to make the world a happier and healthier place (we do love us some Headspace from time to time), how could we not. And as Calm starts to position itself as more of a complete lifestyle offering, it being just “another app” in this space will be a thing of the past. Your Hip Daddy health is important to us, so give Calm a try. and submit to the unicorn.